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Watch Repair & Restoration

IWC, Vintage International Watch Co., Cal.8541B

  We have tried to repair and restore a 1970's vintage International Automatic watch and almost succeeded just as shown in pictures below.

  It did not work out, the dial and watch hands were terribly deteriorated  and besides the windshield(Acrylic Glass) for timepiece was cracked and come off.  

  Can we really repair and restore such a vintage timepiece?  Yes, we can.

  We overhaul a vintage Automatic mechanical watch, refinish both dial and hands.  The most important trouble in such repair and restoration was a collared windshield that was cracked and come off and we have to remake or reproduce it, otherwise we would try but fail.

1970's                                                        2019 

        Dial Refinishing                




Collared Acrylic Glass cracked and come off


Collared Acrylic Glass Reproduction



  At last, we have succeeded in repairing and restoring a vintage watch "International or IWC" almost completely over fifty years.

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