Sarcar Magic Moon Quarts Analog Watch Repair

 Such an expensive and precious jewelry watch did not work right and well.  It has two rotors with diamonds that work separately, outside and inside.  That is why the hour hand and the rotor with diamond contact each other.  The client told us that a few watch repair workshops inquired refused to take care of  it.   We know why, because its structure is rather complicated and should demand sophisticated skilled career to handle.  

  Yes, we did it. We, iishop Tokyo, did it.

  Have a close look at the picture just below,  and you watch the hour hand contacts the rotor on the dial.  This is one of the failures and other is one of the bearing balls was off set.  Therefore sometimes both the hand and rotor move along together.


  Could you see the difference on the both pictures that show almost the same time and the different position, for each rotor moves .  It  means that the watch functions correctly.  For your reference, the watch case is made of K18 and has many diamonds.


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