Rolex Submariner Ref.1680 Cal.1570, Self-winding 26jewels
        This is the miracle watch repair perhaps that remains in history.

    The winding stem was lost. Furthermore, the dial and the hands were severely
 damaged. In a nutshell, this watch was fatally damaged on receipt.

 Dial redone and three hands'restoration are absolutely necessary, and needless
to say, overhauling and parts replacing were also necessary.


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                                    Sophisticated Dial Redone





 The parts replaced are the barrel drum core, the circular hole gear and the 2nd gear,
the tube pinion, the rotor washer, the rotor core, the winding stem and two gaskets.


                        It was in a state where the verdigris is terrible in the rotor.



                               It was the caseback before ovehauling.