Cartier Pasha C 18KWG Cal.049 21jewels
    Watch Repair and Resotoration

  First of all, look at the miserable Cartier Pasha C of WG, which has
been deteriorated !

 What will you do?  If you ask to the Cartier, they will replace a WG
watch case that costs a lot and takes a long time.

  Are there any other ways to fix. Yes, there is, if you ask to iishop,

  Besides, this automatic watch did not work out, because the rotor

  Iishop, Tokyo provides you with both fine restoration of White Gold
of 18 carats finish and watch repair, although there are
some limits left
to restore inevitably.


                                ↓ ↓


                   Circles in red show our limit to restore.

                                                 ↓ ↓



                                                 ↓ ↓                                               


                                               ↓ ↓




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